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So, what's it like NOT Working with a Realtor?

You're looking to Buy a property and your ready to do it all by yourself.

So, what's is like Working with a Realtor?

I don't know what it's like NOT working with a Realtor.

Cause, I am a Realtor.

Most of the time Realtors want to talk about Selling your Property.

Maybe that's where the stigma stemmed from for Buyers.

All the talk about Selling your property and you figured to buy a property you have to do it on your own.

Well no, absolutely not!

All buyers should be using their own Real Estate Agent.

I love working with Buyers. I promote myself as a Buyer Agent.

Hello? Your Personal Home Shopper!!??

yeah, that's me for you, Buyers!

That being said, do I work with Sellers? Yes, for sure.

But when you are working with me, our initial strategy is how to keep your property while purchasing another. But I guess you would have to know me first to see how that plan works.

But, let's talk about you for a sec.

You are most likely 1 of the 2 types of Buyers.

Either, the one that has the property to sell and in turn needs to look for a property.

Or the brand new Buyer, in search of your very first property.


Either or, I'm going to take a wild guess, you're constantly searching on the internet for properties. Because, I mean, well why not right? Everyone does it.

That's how we buy everything. Book vacations, buy clothes, shop for furniture, find our partners. Order groceries.

But, is it really the same? Well, I dunno, you're the one doing it.

I definitely don't do it like that. 100% of my buyers have never purchased their property from what they found on the internet. It was either a property not on MLS or a property that they overlooked on MLS.

It is very very easy to miss out on tons of potential properties.

Firstly, not every listing has great photos, secondly, not every listing is priced right, thirdly, your search criteria is probably so vague that you get tons of property matches. Which is a huge mistake! Fourthly, there are tons of other points but I'm not here to talk about what I do, I'm hear to talk about how you do it... all by yourself!

So, how's it going so far with your search?

How many months have passed? How many properties have you seen?

Like actually physically seen, not virtually seen?

Here, if your not already looking you must be searching on, or even better Zolo.

Because both of them have different listings... Not!

Or, wait, a minute, now you have registered will all the sites that shows you the Sold prices.

Now you're ready right? That should do it.

Sign up to all these websites, that ALL HAVE the EXACT SAME MLS listings.

You wanna know the actual and only difference? Don't tell anyone...

The colours of their actual websites are different, but the product is the same!

That's right. If you registered under a few different real estate websites, and plopped in your search criteria, you're getting the same listings in your inbox. Only the header has a different colour when you get the listing.

How am I doing so far?

Common, we haven't met, but I bet I'm pretty close to knowing how you search for a property right?

Oh, wait, and at this point, you started saying things like, "interest rates are going up", or "interest rates are going down", or "I'm waiting for the bubble to pop", or some other thing that someone told you about, but in reality, you actually have ZERO clue of what any of it actually means.

But can I ask you something?

Did you find your property yet? Are you still searching? Have you seen anything?

How much time has to pass before you actually use a Realtor, or call me for that matter?

If your search has taken longer than 3 months, then you've probably already started to hear things like: new mortgage rules coming out, or, something about interest rates going up or going down, or the property that you had your eye on is sold, and oh wait, you've noticed prices are slightly increasing, or better yet, you've had a major set back because you were totally unprepared of what to actually do before you even started looking at a property. Oh, and all while, you have a full time job, or you're getting married, or you have a family, or your running your own business.


Ohhh...I get it. You're not working with a realtor, because you think you have to pay for it. Not true!

Just an FYI, the Sellers pay the commission. So the actual service to buyers, is free.

The only time you would actually have to pay, is if you cheat on the Realtor that you are working with. Ya, that's right.

If your working with a Realtor, and then you decide your gonna buy the actual property without them, you owe them commission... and at that point THAT would be out of pocket.

But as long we are in a good contract and we remain faithfull to one another, then your not paying anything. Actually, if you don't even like working with the Realtor, just terminate your contract. It's that simple. But just so you know, commission is always included in the purchase price. And it is the Seller that pays the commission from the sell of their property.

But wait, wait... no i get it, you're not using a Realtor, because you're looking for a "deal".

Ahh, I got it right?

So, what does that deal look like exactly?

Was it, by not using a Realtor you thought you saved on the Commission?

So what you did was: Found the property. Called up the listing agent. Started negotiating a price. Struck a 'deal', and BOOM, you just bought a house, for less than asking without using a Realtor.

And you 'saved' from paying the commission.

If you think that was the deal and that's what actually happened, then the joke is on you.

And EVERYONE in this industry knows it!

Spoiler Alert:

The listing agent just double ended that deal. Without even giving you any service.

Because most buyers think they have to pay commission. But you don't. Ever!

Buyers do not ever buy a property and then as a buyer cut another cheque to the realtor.

Only and ONLY the Seller does.

So when you walked away thinking you got a deal and saved on commission, what actually happened was the listing agent took a bigger commission from the seller.

Think about it, why would you buy a property with the same agent listing the property?

Unless you were actually working with that Realtor, then I wont think anything of it.

But if you weren't, then I'm gonna tell you right now, you most likely overpaid for that property.

No seriously, you probably did.

Believe me you, when a property is priced to sell, another Realtor would have already snatched it up way before you.

Think about this for a second:

If that agent is in contract with the Seller first, then the goal with that is:

TO SELL their property in the interest of the Seller.

And what do Sellers want? (Pretend you were the seller. What do you want?)

The highest and best price for their house.

What makes you think that that Agent is working in YOUR, as in the BUYER's best interest?

Think about that for a sec. And let me know when you get it!

Listen, I am not about putting down other Real Estate Agents. Absolutely not!

If you are a Buyer looking to buy a property, this is what you need to do.

1. Make a few appointments with a few different agents that specialize in Working with Buyers.

2. Ask them to list the services they will provide for you.

3. Establish a schedule, what and when you can expect things from the Agent.

4. Sign a contract listing these services.

5. If you are not satisfied, you can always cancel your contract.

I am going to cut to the chase and tell you a little bit about myself.

If you were to mash up Ellen Degeneres and Martha Stewart, you would get me.

No, really, I'm funny and I love gardening!

And I build stuff, designs stuff and put stuff together. I also specialize in real estate analytics.

My Specialty: Working with Buyers.

Types of properties I specialize in:

Resale Homes, Condos, Pre Construction Condos, Property Flipping, Vacation Properties, Investment Properties, Curated Properties, Unique Properties.

The Areas I specialize in:

Toronto, Vaughan, Bradford, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Bruce Penninsula.

Languages: English, Italian and un peu de francais!

So what services do I provide?

Well, really that all depends on what type of Buyer you are.

Did you really think I was going to write it here.... are you crazy? That's top secret stuff!!

No really, it is.

Everyone is different. Trust me, all buyers have different intentions of buying.

But if you really want, contact me in any way you like, and Interview me!

I've listed my specialties for you.

If you are a buyer who speaks one of those languages, and is looking for that type of property in one of those areas, then call me.

Or, if you are a buyer who simply wants to learn about: 'How to Buy', or 'What are your Buying Options'.... then call me too!

You've been told!



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